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How to gain admission into Unilag

Unilag admission into university

How to gain admission into Unilag

The University of Lagos, popularly known as Unilag is one of the most-sought after universities in Nigeria. With Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria playing host to the university, Unilag benefits from Lagos’ huge population, and every year over 50,000 candidates seek admission into the university of the first choice.

The location of Unilag among other things sets it apart from other universities in Nigeria. Being located in the heart of Lagos city, a city that never stops, where everything happens in Nigeria, Unilag students are exposed to various opportunities, information, and privileges than their counterparts in a school located outside of Lagos may enjoy.

 These factors combined with Unilag students’ academic performance; the volume of research work and their smooth running academic calendar make Unilag the university of first choice for many admission seekers from Nigeria and beyond. Unilag has consecutively ranked as one best school in Nigeria and even Africa according to world universities' ranking bodies.

Although Unilag is the school may want to gain admission into, it’s quite tough to gain admission into Unilag, whatever your course of study may be. Hundreds of thousands of students write JAMB every year with the hope of gaining admission into one university or the other, out of which the majority desire to go to Unilag. For this reason, admission into the school is very competitive and only a handful of students get admitted every year into Unilag.

If you are an admission seeker who wants to gain admission into Unilag, there are certain admission requirements you need to meet in order to have a real chance at entering the school and becoming an Akokite. Those requirements range from JAMN/WAEC combination, catchment areas, age requirement, Unilag post UTME registration process, etc. We will also take you through some tips for gaining admission into Unilag.

We will look at these requirements one after the other and exactly what you need to do if you want to gain admission into the University of Lagos in the next session.

How to Gain Unilag admission:  Use Catchment Area Advantage

There is something called a catchment area. The catchment area in the admission process means giving opportunities to students from a particular zone or geographical area that shares the same with the school location. This is why Yorubas are more in a school like Unilag while in a school like UniBen, there are more people from Edo state and in a school line the University of Maiduguri, there are more Hausas.

The catchment area is one big factor when it comes to you gaining admission into any school in Nigeria as these schools including Unilag often factor in the catchment area.

The following are the 6 states classified under Unilga Catchment area:

Lagos State

Ogun State

Oyo State

Osun State

Ekiti State

Oyo State.

If you are from any of these states, you definitely have more chances at gaining admission to Unilag that candidates from other parts of Nigeria, if and only if you meet the other requirements’. This is the policy despite Unilag being a Federal University. And this is not only obtainable in Unilag but across universities in Nigeria.

However, don’t let this information deter you, please. Even if you are not from the above catchment areas, if you do extremely well in your JAMB and UTME exams, and meet other Unilag admission requirements, of course, you can gain admission to your dream school.

Requirements to Gain Admission into Unilag

Eligibility Criteria

Before you start your Unilag admission process, there are some criteria you need to meet. These criteria are very important and in fact, if you do not meet any one of them, forget about disturbing yourself with the admission process.

WAEC Combination

Your WAEC result must be one with at least 5 credits passes at one sitting in subjects that are relevant to your course of study. Please note that Mathematics and the English language must be inclusive in the subjects. This is very important if you have to have a chance of gaining admission to the University of the first choice.

Choose Unilag as First Choice

If you truly and really want to become a Unilag student, then choose Unilag as your first choice of institution in your JAMB form. Unilag does not consider candidates who choose them as the second choice at all. Remember, the school is very competitive and you are struggling alongside thousands of other candidates to enter Unilag. So ensure you choose them as first choice and first choice only.

Score at least 250 in JAMB

If you want to be considered for admission into Unilag, you must score at least 250 in your JAMB exams at the time of application. Although JAMB stipulates 150, ensure you work hard and score nothing less than 250 in your JAMB to have a real chance of gain admission into Unilag.

Because the school is highly competitive, if too many people score 200 and above, they will raise their bar to 250. If you score up to this, you have a greater advantage. Also, ensure your subject combinations are in line with those in the JAMB brochure. Try as much as you can; read as much as you can, work as if your life depends on it, and make sure you score 250 in JAMB.

Age Considered for Admission into Unilag

You must be up to age 16 at the time of application. If you are younger than 16, you better wait at home till next year, or try admission elsewhere cos Unilag will not consider you.

How to Apply for the Post UTME in Unilag

     I have explained the requirements of gaining admission into Unilag step by step above. Once you’ve gone through and meet up with the above, then you should follow the following processes in applying for post UTME in Unilag.

  1. Visit University of Lagos website -
  2. Once you get to the website, Click on Admissions
  3. Click on Post-UTME Application
  4. Then log in with your JAMB registration number as username and surname in lowercase as password. This is to enable you to recollect your details easily.
  5. Next, you generate and print payment advice
  6. At this point, you will visit any commercial bank to make payment of N2,000 only. This is the screening fee. You may also want to pay online if you have a mobile banking app. You may also use your visa ATM card.
  7. Once you’ve made this payment, go back to the University portal and upload your passport, then you can proceed to complete your application form
  8. After this, you should print Post-UTME confirmation slip and Examination Pass
  9. Save your own scheduled exams time.
  10. Start preparing for your exams. Remember, your goal is to make up to 250 or even more to gain admission to the University of Lagos.
  11. On the date of the exams, go with your print out in two colored copies

Once the UTME Exam date is here, go in and do your very best in that exam hall. Don’t be afraid in the exam hall, just be bold and smart. Once you’ve written your UTME exams, keep visiting the portal to see if results are out.

After checking your results, keep praying that your name makes the list. After all, you have out in all the needed work.

One thing you can sure with Unilag is that their admission is strictly in merit. So if you prepare very well and follow the admission procedure and guidelines above, you will have a better chance of becoming unilag student.

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