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20-year-old breaks record in UK, changes the 

face of medicine with his book 

* Malone Mukwende, 20, co-published a book called Mind The Gap to help black people 
* The student said he did that to teach how to identify symptoms on black skins 
* Malone said a lot of time, medical suggestions given out only apply to white people.
 A 20-year-old young man, Malone Mukwende, has changed the face of medicine as he co-published a book with two other professors to answer the questions of how symptoms manifest on black skins. Aljazeera reports many medical textbooks are only designed to give an accurate diagnosis of white people’s skins. A medical student at St Gorge’s University, he said he has come across many people who are always scared of being misdiagnosed by health workers. He said when he got to medical school, he knew he could use his academic position to make the desired change.

A collage showing the bright young man. Photo source: UpWorthy/Aljazeera


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 A collage showing the bright young man.
The brilliant 20-year-old added that a big part of the problem is that people are not being taught how to identify symptoms on dark skins in medical schools.

According to Aljazeera, diseases like meningitis manifests differently on different skin tones. In that case, the diagnosis for a white person may not be the same as someone with black skin. 
He said the reason why more black people die from Covid-19 in London, for instance, may be connected with the fact that most of the pieces of medical advice given out do not apply to black skin. The brilliant man added that questions like “are you pale around the lips” do not necessarily befit people with black skin. 
Malone said it is totally different when it come to white skin.

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