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Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2020/2021 Session

Top 10 Best Polytechnics
 In Nigeria And
 Their School Fees
 2020/2021 Session

Having looked at the dilemma most aspirants are in each
 year due to the lack of concrete information about the list
 of polytechnics in Nigeria and their tuition fee, we have decided
 to compile an undisputed list of major polytechnics in Nigeria
 and their school fees for the 2020/2021 academic session.
You may decide to use this list as a guide when making a decision
 about your destination for education. This is a well detailed list
 of polytechnics in Nigeria and all about their school fees.
However before we proceed with the list, let’s get something straight
 a graduate from a polytechnic is not inferior to a graduate from the
 University! This stigma on graduate from polytechnic has been
 causing a lot of students to run away from Polytechnics and
 focus on only universities even though their chances of
 getting admission to Polytechnics is higher than the university.
Also, we have written about the list of polytechnics in Nigeria
 and their cut off marks to assist candidates in making and
 informed decision in choosing a polytechnic of their choices.
If you are an aspirant and you found that a polytechnic is offering
 your course then don’t hesitate to put in, instead of spending
 one (1) to four (4) years sitting at home waiting for admission
 from the university.
In this post, we have compiled an excellent list of the
 top 10 best polytechnics in Nigeria that you can make
 your choice from. They are excellent and some are even
 more popular and reliable than most universities in the country.
 We have included their school fees also to help you make
 a better decision when you consider your budget. So let’s
 start with the list.
Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2020/2021 Session 1




The Federal Polytechnics Auchi was initially a Technical
 College Founded in Nigeria in 1963. The Technical College
 was offered to the Midwestern region of Nigeria as a gift by
 the British. The Polytechnic soon grew in size and population
 by means of its unique teaching method and resources.
The Federal Polytechnic Auchi is very reputed in diverse areas
 of engineering, applied sciences and technology, environmental
 studies, management studies, and art and industrial design.
 It is reputed as one of the best Polytechnics in Nigeria and is a hotspot
 for many students who wish to attend a polytechnic.
 The school fees of The Federal Polytechnics is very
 affordable making it a top choice for most students.

The Auchi Poly fees for Freshers is N28,000 and fees for returning Students is N14,000.




Well, who can dispute the position of YABATECH on this list?
 Yaba College of Technology was established in 1947 as an immediate
 successor to Yaba Higher College. In 1969 by virtue of Decree 23,
 Yaba College Of Technology gained a higher status.
This decree granted it the mandate to provide full time and part-time
 courses of instruction and training in technology, applied science,
 commerce and management and in such other fields of applied
learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria in
 the areas of industrial and agricultural production and
 distribution; and for research in the development and
 adaptation of techniques.
Yaba College of Technology is structured into eight
 schools and thirty-four academic departments with a
 total of sixty-four accredited programmes, which cut
 across the ND, HND and Post-HND Levels. The college
also offers certificate courses.
YABATECH not only offer ND, HND and Post-HND
 but it also provides students the opportunity to gain
 B.Sc (Ed) courses in Technical and Vocational Education
 and Post Graduates Diploma in Engineering. The two
 programmes are run in conjunction with the University of Nigeria
 Nsukka and the Federal University of Technology, Akure,
 respectively. The present student population is about 15,000
 while the total staff strength is about 1,600.
YABATECH is one of the most popular and outstanding
 polytechnics in Nigeria. It was one of the best College to be
 established in Nigeria and it was founded in 1947.
YABATECH since its inception in 1947 has grown from
 the little size of the population most know than to a giant
 institution that can compete with any other polytechnics in
 Nigeria and even beyond.
YABATECH is regarded as the first institution (that is higher
 institutions both polytechnic and universities) in Nigeria to
 establish a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, with
 linkages with the world of commerce and industry.
Fee Structure
Yabatech school fees for OND full-time
The school fee for OND full-time in Yabatech is ₦44,500.
 The school fee price was increased from ₦35,000
 the previous year to its current fee.
Yabatech school fees for HND full-time
The school fee for HND full-time in Yabatech is ₦45,500.
 Candidates who did part-time in OND and do not have
 a Jamb profile are to pay the sum of ….. For Jamb regularization.
Yabatech school fee for part-time ranges from N75 000 to N83,000.
Yabatech Acceptance fee for 2020/2021 academic session is
 20,000 Naira for fresh/new students



This is one of those schools that we refer to as ‘silent worker’
 though not very popular The Federal Polytechnics
 Nekede in Imo state is a very competitive and outstanding
 polytechnic. With its unique teaching techniques, innovative
 lecturers and extensive resources, the school easily
 differentiates itself from its counterpart in Nigeria.
The Federal Polytechnic Nekede is a Federal government Owned
 Polytechnic. The school was established in Nigeria in 1978
 and is located in Nekede region of Imo State. This school
 is the third on our list of the top 10 Best Polytechnics in Nigeria.
School Fees
The fee for Nekede Polytechnic is N32,000.



The Polytechnic of Ibadan major function is to cater for
 students training and development of techniques in applied science
 engineering, environmental science, and commerce.
Poly Ibadan was established in 1970 parent to the existing
 Technical College, Ibadan under the provisions of a principal
 Edict cited as the Polytechnic, Ibadan Edict 1970. The initial
 Edict which upgraded the status of this school has undergone
 several modifications in order to make the higher institution
 relevant to the present day needs of Oyo State, the Proprietor
 in particular and Nigeria in general.
The Polytechnic has been churning out lots of low and middle-level
 manpower that has been making valuable contributions to the social
and economic development of the country. As the school continues
 to grow stronger and finer in its teaching process, it has also produced
 high-level manpower in some areas such as urban and regional
 planning, mass communication etc. The primary focus of the
 Polytechnic is training that is practical oriented.
Immediately after its inception in Ibadan, it began booming.
 The school is a top choice for higher institutions aspirants
 every year in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME).
 The school is the fourth on our list of the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria.
School Fee
The Polytechnic of Ibadan charges a fee of N45,000 for indigene and N50,000 for none indigene (Freshers). The Returning Students school fees is less than N30,000
THE POLYTECHNIC IBADAN45,00050,00030,000



The Lagos State Polytechnic is State Government Owned
 Institution which offers National Diploma (ND) and Higher
 National Programmes.
The Lagos State Polytechnic had produced graduates who are
 highly placed in the society and in order to further advance the
 position of its graduates in the society, the institution employs
 modern methods in teaching and training its students.
 The polytechnic had structured its curricula to avail all
 its students with ICT and entrepreneurship skills.
The prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic is the fifth on our
 list of the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria.
Laspotech School Fees For ND1 2020/2021
1School fees27950
2Result Screening2000
4Clearance Exercise2700
5Exam fees500
6Annex Due5000
8Laspo mobile500
Laspotech ND11 students
School fees25,810
Exam fees = ₦50005000
Laspo mobile = ₦500500
Laspotech ND111 students
School fees27,110
Exam fees5000
Laspo mobile500



Osun State Polytechnic, Iree was also known as OSPOLY
 is a tertiary learning institution in Iree, Osun State, Nigeria.
 The Polytechnic was formerly a satellite campus of The
 Polytechnic, Ibadan. It became autonomous on 12 October 1992
 when the Governor of Osun State, Alhaji, Isiaka Adeleke,
 signed the law establishing the institution alongside
 The Osun State College of Technology located at
 Esa-Oke in Osun State.Osun State Polytechnic Iree also
 has Daily Part Time Program (DPT) which is located at Koko campus.
The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree was also known as
 OSPOLY is a higher institution of learning located in
 Iree, Osun State, Nigeria.
The fee for Osun state polytechnic is N25,500.



Just as the name is, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is
 Federal government Owned Institution located in the
 South Western Part of the Country.
The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro was established by
 Decree No.33 of July 25, 1979
It was opened to students on November 15, 1979,
 on a temporary site provided by its host community,
 the ancient town of Ilaro, Ogun State. The first site
 of the Polytechnic was the premises of the Anglican
 Grammar School, Ilaro about half a kilometer from
 Ilaro township junction.
The Polytechnic was on this temporary site till 1983 when
 it moved to its permanent site along Ilaro/Oja-Odan Road,
 about three kilometers from Ilaro township. It is also about
 60 kilometers from Idiroko, a Nigerian Border town with
 the Benin Republic. Ilaro town itself is an ancient town,
 landlocked between Lagos and Abeokuta, the capital of
 Ogun State. The Polytechnic occupies a total of
 898.116 hectares land area on its permanent site.
The Federal Polytechnics Ilaro unanimously took the seventh
place on our list of the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria.
The fee for federal polytechnic of ilaro is very modest. It’s a sum of NN32,550.



Imo State Polytechnic is a higher education institute in
 Umuagwo, Imo State, Nigeria. It was established in 1978 as
 the Michael Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo
 and was upgraded to a Polytechnic status, renamed as the
 Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo in 2007. The institution
 provides courses, training and research in all branches of
 Agriculture, Management Sciences, Engineering and Food Sciences.
 The institution is certified to award National Diploma and
 Higher National Diploma qualifications.
The Imo State Polytechnic is located in Umuagwo, an Area in
 Imo State Nigeria. It was established in 1978 as a
 College of Agriculture but was later upgraded to a Polytechnics in 2007.
School Fees
Imo state polytechnic charges N30,000 for ND and N40,000
 for HND (None indigene, ND 55,000.
Indigene 22,000 for HND.
Non-indigene 65,000, and indigene



This is a Federal Government owned Polytechnic located
 in the South Eastern region of Nigeria.
It was previously known as College of Arts, Science,
 and Technology but was later upgraded what it is known
 today as the Federal Polytechnic Oko.
The Federal Polytechnics Oko charges a fee of N28,000.



Kaduna Polytechnic is a higher institution located at Tudun Wada
 local government area of Kaduna State, North-Western Nigeria.
Kaduna Polytechnic was established in 1956 as Kaduna Technical
 Institute after the British Government accepted the upgrading of
 Yaba Higher College (now Yaba College of Technology) to a
 technical institute and also proposed the establishment of
 technical institutes in Kaduna and Enugu through the
 recommendation of the Higher Education Commission.
 The polytechnic offers National Diploma and Higher National
 Diploma courses at undergraduate levels.
The Kaduna Polytechnic which was established in 1956 as
 Kaduna Technical Institute is located at Tudun Wada local
 government area of Kaduna State.
Kaduna Polytechnic charges a moderate fee of N24,000.



  1. Lagos City Polytechnic, Ikeja
  2. Located in the hear of Lagos
  3. Allover Central Polytechnic, Sango-Ota, Ogun State. Tuition Fee
  4. Covenant Polytechnic, Aba, Abia State
  5. Igbajo Polytechnic, Igbajo
  6. Crown Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
  7. Tower Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State
  8. Wolex Polytechnic, Ikeja, Lagos State
  9. Lighthouse Polytechnic, Evbuobanosa
  10. Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko, Benue State
  11. Grace Polytechnic, Surulere, Lagos State
  12. Heritage Polytechnic, Ikot Udota, Eket, Akwa Ibom State
  13. Interlink Polytechnic, IJebu-Jesa, Osun State
  14. Kings Polytechnic Ubiaja
  15. Nacabs Polytechnic Akwanga, Nasarawa state
  16. Nogak Polytechnic, Ikom, Cross River State
  17. Our Saviour Institute of Science Agric and Technology (OSISATECH), Enugu
  18. Ronik Polytechnic, Lagos
  19. Shaka Polytechnic Benin City
  20. The Polytechnic Ile-Ife, Osun State
  21. The Polytechnic Imesi-Ile
  22. Temple Gate Polytechnic Aba, Abia State

23 Dorben Polytechnic, Bwari, FCT – Tuition Fee

For ND = N176,000(Full Time and N220,000 (Part-time)

So there you have it a list of polytechnics in Nigeria and their
 school fees for 2020. We hope that this list will help you decide
 your destination for education. As a last advice, when it comes
 to choosing a polytechnic, always choose a popular one as they
 are deemed more credible and it will be easier for you to walk
 through life with the results you get from them. But don’t forget
 that certificate is a piece of paper. What you have in your head
 is of more value.
So you have seen the list of the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria
 what do you think about our list? Let us hear your thoughts
 and comments via the comment section.
Are you satisfied with the information gotten? If you
 still have any question(s) as regards the list of top polytechnics
 in Nigeria and their school fees, kindly scroll to the comment
 section below and we shall respond in no time.
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